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Photo: Aníbal Alvarado

The inaugural book of our inprint is El desorden interno by Mónica Selem, a book that lives in the margins of both memoir and fiction. In these twenty short stories, the characters journey from city to city, and through emotional pathways. Every story deals with a story of love, gained or lost. 


Each story is about an encounter, in the streets of Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Bucharest, Reykjavík, Los Angeles, Mexico City, or along the Camino of Santiago. The characters will get second chances, experience pain, humiliation, lack... But also pleasure, connection, even impossible chances in parallel worlds to this one.

Mónica Selem present a refreshing take on female eroticism, a take lacking judgement and filled with empowerment. The desire, vulnerabilities and fragilities are shared in equal parts between her female and male characters. One and the others find themselves and get lost in the trials of love and being loved. 

This is the first book published by this writer under the penname Mónica Selem. She was born in Madrid and has lived in Xalapa (Mexico) since 2006. Previous fiction books by the same writer include La hija de Kafka (El Andén, 2009), Zapatos rotos (JP Libros, 2010) and Hormiga blanca (Ménades Editorial, 2019). She writes literary criticism for the magazine Criticismo. She has also penned three nonfiction books about homelessness and other social issues: A ciegas, mil historias de la calle; En dos, un viaje a las fronteras and Solo luna, treinta cartas a una dama sin hogar.

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